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Tacha & Neon - Humanity Project

HumanityProject En

Humanity - Cover
© 2001 Delphine Software

- R&D
- Rigging
- Animations
- Lipschync Test

A world in gap.

On a similar planet of ours, in a time which could be ours prosper robots baptized "Humadroïds", in a society where curiously the human race is missing.

They sleep, wake up, lunch and go to work and try to doesn't be late. Their concerns are the same that our.

Socially they are more "human" than human beings, as much for their qualities as for their faults.

All are unique and none is perfect.

The action takes place in a town of neighborhood one thousand souls. A quiet and small village.

If their housing environment seems to us at first sight familiar, while looking closer to the course of the adventure you will note all the differences between our world and theirs, raising each their secrets and questioning.

On what planet are we? At what time? What became the humans ?


"Humanity Project" is an episodes adventure game of a new kind on PS2 based with movie render, a multi-choice non-linear scenario and a simple and friendly interface.

I was in charge of all the animations parts of the project and mainly the implementation of the pipe of production. From the character setup to the motion capture intégration until the engine export.

Two talented illustrators participated in this production and gave a very particular touch to the universe of the game.

It's a pity that it not found a funding to start the production.

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