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PeekBox - Cover
© 2004 Azote-Studio

- Concept
- Game Design
- Direction

A sexy assistant in your PC !

A female "Little computer people" of 2000's. The realtime "Big Brother" on your PC.
And more ! She knows how to be useful! You will never miss a meeting and you will never forget your friend's birthday.

Follow Iris McKAY with the cameras installed in her apartment, offer her presents, make her deliver of new clothes and do not forget to fill her refrigerator.

She also needs to amuse, lend her your DVD and she will watch them on her TV or she will listen to your CD on her stereo.

She will be distant with you at the beginning of the adventure, but make her happy and she will eventually certainly appreciate you and more if affinity.



A personal concept based on the idea to crossover the "SIMS" and the "BIG BROTHER" real TV.
A peeping concept whose engine had to come in several versions with various backgrounds and characters

- A child version: A story reader with games and a small magic character.

- A teenager version: A peeping concept typicaly RealTV with a man or a woman.

- An adult version: The same system as the teenager version but more hard.

The game music for intro :

At this time, the system was optimized to work on small PC configurations. The cameras mapping for environnements used only few resources.


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