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Pang En

Pang - Cover
© 1990 Ocean France

- Specifications
- Sprites
- Backgrounds

Pang - (Amiga - Atari ST)

From Mitchell Corp. come Pang - Quite literally the most addictive arcade game seen this year. Following a perfect arcade conversion, Pang is about to burst onto your screen. That is, if the balloons don't burst first !

Using a variety of new and innovative weapons you must shoot the balloons to sub-divide them into smaller balloons to destroy them.

Hone your reflexes for this fast anf furious adventure that will take your throught 17 countries and présent you with a wide range of different creatures that might help or hinder !

Can you meet the challenge ? Can you conquer the Balloon Invasion ?

I want to know more !

Tilt d'or 1990

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