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LKids Fr

Liquid Kids - Cover
© 1990 Ocean France

- Specifications
- Levels art
- Sprites
- Animations

Liquid kids - Mizubaku Daibõken. (Amiga)

Mizubaku Daiboken is a colorful platform game by Taito.

The protagonist of the game is a cute platypus named Hipopo qon a mission to rescue his beloved gril frined and the rest of the platypus village from the claws of an evil fire demon.


To help him in his task, our friend is given the power to throw water-bubbles to stun his enemies - once immobilized, Hipopo can kick them to oblivion for good.

The power is however limited and our friend is condemned to wait to charge-up large bubbles. The player must guide our hero towards the Demon's hideout in order to free his friends - each zone is made out of several stages.

Liquid Kids au format ADF

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