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Ultimate 3D Carousel

Jellofile En

Jellography - Cover
© 2016 PixieShade-Studio


- Concept
- Art direction
- Game design
- 2D artist
- 2D animation


Many more JELLOGRAPHY's videos on the YouTube PixieShade Channel.

Mr Pan

An amazing "Puzzle Game" For ANDROID and iPHONE.

With Jellography, play with the GEOGRAPHY in family on more than 350 fascinating levels.

Use your sagacity to travel over countries and capitals of the world in a funny puzzle game, EASY and RELAXING.
Visit the FREE store, sell your treasures to offer you somes spectacular bonuses !


Play, learn... And discovering the world



Jellography is the fist game released from own developement studio "PixieShade-Studio". Management, Creation, Animation, 2d art. I'am very prooud of it, because i push every pixel of this game.

I want to know more !

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