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TopSpin 3 - Cover
© 2008 Pam Developpment


- R&D about sweat
- Clothes R&D
- Clothes production
- Clothes

Are you up to the Challenge ?

Grab your raquet and prepare to be totally immersed in every game, set and match in the most visualy and physically realistic tennis experience ever !

Outstanding new gameplay stylewith incredibly precise control over your movements, positioning and pace.

Intricately detailed player animations, ball movement, crowd réactivity and graphics that evolve over time make this game more visually authentic than ever..

Join players all over the world with a comprehensive online gameplay mode for both single and doubles play.

Play as the world's best players both past and present including Federer, Sharapova, Roddick, Murray, Monfils, Becker, Borg, Seles and more.


On this project, i'd work on somes R&D searchs like the skin sweat, the physical of clothings and the pipe of production of the physical of clothings.

As knowed my tast very well, i took the responsability of the complete physical of clothings production and settings with great attention for the player creator compatibility. Its was a lots...


TopSpin 3 - Clothes

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