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DStone En

Darkstone - Cover
© 2000 Delphine Software

- Models
- Textures
- Animations

Are you a Dragonslayer ?

The world is living under the dark shadow of a nefarious dragon. Villagers are turning to stone. Armies of skeletons swarms of wasps, and lumbering ogres lurk everywhere. Evil is spreading like a vine. And only you can stop it.
Scattered across the kingdom are seven ancient magic crystals whitch together invoke the power of the Orb. Without it, you have no hope to defeating your firebreathing nemesis. You will creep through dungeons and castles, explore wilderness and glade, and necounter traps, curses, and puzzles on your quest to unearth the crystal.

- 8 Playable characters pased on four castes.
- More than 200 enemies and interactives characters..

- More than 30 styles of weapons and et 32 differents spells.
- Random quest generator ensures maximum playability..

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